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Q&A with Stephen Moyer

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Q&A with Stephen Moyer Empty Q&A with Stephen Moyer

Mensaje por Ms.Compton Vie Sep 02, 2011 8:44 am

Q&A with Stephen Moyer

This isn’t just another interview with Stephen Moyer about The Caller, well it is, but Ambush Bug from Ain’t It Cool News gets Steve to share about the eerie happenings on the set and other interesting tidbits you’ll enjoy . After reading the excerpts below, make sure you skip over and read the rest of the interview.

BUG: Nothing bad happening here so far. No hurricane here at all. Nope. It has been kind of a harrowing journey out here, just to the premiere of this film. What was it like for you to get out here to the island?
SM: I mean, I just had my first anniversary with Anna [Paquin] and we were in Louisiana together, in Shreveport where she is doing a film there and it’s 105 degrees in Shreveport and with an incredible amount of humidity. So the truth is that this is like winter, it’s lovely. It feels cool even though we are all boiling and there’s no electricity and there’s no air conditioning. I didn’t know whether I was going to make it in. I didn’t know if the plane was going to work, whether we were going to be hit by the hurricane, and you know, you just don’t know what you are going to get, but I felt like we are all here for the right reason, because this is a fantastic little film and so I’m glad we all put the effort in.

BUG: So I hear that there were some kind of mysterious or creepy things that were happening on the set during the filming of the film? Did you have any experiences like that?
SM: I mean, there are so many things that happened on this shoot. There’s some legally that I’m not even allowed to talk about. There’s some interesting things…I don’t know what Mathew [Parkhill] has told you. Have you interviewed Mathew yet?

BUG: I haven’t interviewed Mathew yet, but I just interviewed Sergio [Casci].

SM: There was this interesting thing where we were…it’s just crazy things, like we were in the supermarket and we were clearing away the shelves to put our own stuff up on the shelves, because there are certain limitation–you’re not allowed to advertise and stuff like that, and behind one of the shelves that was going to be right full view of the camera there was a cracked old perfume bottle that was called “Rose” which is the character that calls her on the phone. There were ghostly presences. There were people seeing things. There were phone calls that were coming in with wrong numbers. It was very strange. There were labor disputes. There were power outages. There were hairs in the gate and negatives that couldn’t be used and so it was like we were being conspired against and yet through that adversity often you get a really great film, because it really pulls people together and I think that’s what happened. We ended up with a really fantastic tight little psychological thriller and it just goes to show that through adversity obviously sometimes you get the gems.

BUG: So how about this year re:True Blood? This season has taken a different turn for you with your character. What is that like? All of a sudden you are in kind of like an opposing role, you’re not really…you are one of the main characters, but you are no longer…you are the hero, but it’s gotten kind of dark I guess …
SM: Yeah, I think…I feel very lucky. Firstly, I get to play. Bill is quite enigmatic at the beginning of the first season. In the second season he feels like he is losing Sookie, so he sort of holds on a bit too tight. In season three he realizes that the only way he can save her is to push her away in quite a nasty way, but ultimately he still wants her. And in this season, he just doesn’t have time for her and it’s like he has to sort of just let her go and in doing so it’s like a release for him, I suppose, in some respects. He has a power because of it that I don’t think necessarily he would have thought of, because he’s got other fish to fry and that was good. For me, I was very pleased with the Jessica stuff, because I love working with her and we love working together.

Fuente: stephen-moyer.net

No me lo puedo creer! En menos de un mes ha estado en Louisiana, Puerto Rico, LA y ahora en Londres! Se va a volver loco con tanto viaje!

Y me gusta lo que dice del personaje de Bill, yo creo que es un personaje que ha mejorado muchísimo en esta temporada y me alegro que le gusten tanto sus escenas con Jessica, porque a mí tb me gustan. Solo espero que no se la carguen...

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Q&A with Stephen Moyer Empty Re: Q&A with Stephen Moyer

Mensaje por Selene Vie Sep 02, 2011 9:32 am

Desde luego están todos que no paran de un lado para otro! Quien pudiera!! Very Happy
Y la relación con Jessica ha sido una de las mejores cosas esta temporada, porque no sólo el personaje de Bill ha madurado, sino el de ella también. Así que como tú dices esperemos que su personaje continúe porque puede serguir dando mucho juego.

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