Stephen habla sobre la quinta temporada

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Stephen habla sobre la quinta temporada

Mensaje por Selene el Dom Ago 28, 2011 12:47 am

Lo pongo en spoiler por si acaso...

"Obviously I'm not going to tell you what happens at the end of this season, but it's very much heading towards already what is going to happen in season five," he said. "And it sounds amazing."

Amazing because our favorite bloodsuckers, werewolves and humans will have to contend with yet another supernatural something. "I know there is going to be an omnipresent power in season five," he hinted. "I know what it is. I think we could be heading towards an even greater season."

And by great, he really means totally infuriating.

"If they go where they're going, it will be amazing and upset a lot of people, which we always like."

We can't even begin to guess what Stephen's teasing here, but suffice it to say, we'll totally be along for the ride. (Unless this "omnipresent power" commands Vampire Eric to never take his shirt off again. Then we'll have to reconsider our loyalty.)

What are you hoping will happen in the fifth season of "True Blood"?

No quiere decir lo que va a pasar al final de la temporada pero comenta que nos llevará hacia lo que sucederá en la quinta. Dice que va a haber un poder omnipresente, que él sabe lo que es. También dice que si ellos siguen por donde están yendo, será increíble y molestará a mucha gente...

Al menos con esto podemos decir que él estará en la quinta, no? Wink


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